Artist: Dobbs
Title: Skydeck / Boundaries
Label: Inaspace Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 January 2003
  • A: Skydeck
  • B: Boundaries

Dobbs "Skydeck / Boundaries"

Out Now on Inaspace Records

Dobbs is Rob Dobbs, a dj and producer who has been forging a career in progressive and breaks for the past 10 years. Previous career highlights include running the Big Blue parties at 'Mars' in London alongside Ashley Casselle and Danny Howells. More recently he has switched attention to production work, and the tracks here, 'Skydeck' and 'Boundaries', are just two examples of his hard work.

'Skydeck' isn't particularly your current flava of breaks sitting on store shelves across the globe. It isn't nu skool, and isn't filthy, dirty or dark. No sir, full featured melody is the key that holds this track together, with a laid back fluctuating beat percussion line. Synths slide through the beats in layered fashion as effects sit atop the trippy groove. Old skool influences updated with modern techniques bring it all together, creating a quirky spacial breaks cut in the process.

'Boundaries' heads for more familar breakbeat territory, with a traditional 4/4 element sitting underneath the piston style beats which crank into each and drop with precision timing into the mix, as uplifting riffs and effects filter through the gaps, making the whole thing flow with dreamy ambience, through the drop into the break and into a tougher vibe on the outro, with the pace of the whole track feeling like a shift through a time warp.

With support already coming from Jonathan Lisle and Cass, it would seem Dobbs still has an ability to work the dancefloors through his productions as well as his dj, and no doubt it will only be a matter of time before we hear more from this man's work.

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