Artist: DJ19
Title: IC
Label: 19 Box Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 10 March 2002
  • A: Piece Process Mix
  • B: Original Mix

DJ19 "IC"

Out Now on 19 Box Recordings

For the 10th release on 19 Box, DJ19, the label owner steps up to the plate with a production of his own, entitled IC, and to help him along, he gets Ireland's favourite son and POD artist Piece Process to help him.

First up is the Piece Process mix, a tight riff intro leading into, before a deep rumbling bassline growls and progresses slowly, dark snare effects rattling as track evolves, synths panning from left toright as the bassline fluctuates and gradually fades back beneath the surface, and a sinister vox sample snarls in between the percussion, as the track builds momentum, becoming more twisted and deeper. An evil monster of a mix for the deep dark sets.

The original in comparison is based around a bouncy percussion line in the intro, and soft sweeping synths rattle overhead, a deep beat breaking up the pace on occasion, when an evil reverb vocal stops the beat in its track and the track goes off in a totally different direction, deeper, echo filled beats rattle back and forth and a spacey atmospheric break rises out of the darkness.and the bassline floats back and forth, making you wonder whats going to happen next as silence comes, then a stuttered vox effect introduces a faster beat and the track takes on a techy feel as it entires the final stages.

19 Box have a reputation for deep, dark and quirky cuts, and this is no exception, but the excellent Piece Process mix means you should check this out on that merit alone.

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