Artist: DJ Remy
Title: EP 3.2
Label: Additive Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 July 2002
  • A: Butterfly (Original Mix)
  • B: In Your Face (Starecase Mix)

DJ Remy "EP 3.2"

Out Now on Additive Records

Following on from EP3.1, DJ Remy now delivers the other half of the EP, entitled 3.2 This contains the Original Mix of Butterfly along with a remix of In Your Face from Starecase, who have previously remixed the track Serious Damage and return for another outing.

The Original Mix of Butterfly is more in the vein of a slow building track, the arrangements subtly creating a groove that builds slowly before fully showcasing the main chunk of the track, which is where things get interesting and the track turns into a right stormer.

Starecase on the other hand strip down In Your Face, starting with some subtle drum percussion, building the pace slightly before introducing a twisting synth line that weaves in and out of the percussion as the track accelerates before descending into the trademark Starecase sound, and then picking back up tougher than ever. Driving and 'In Yer Face'? Definitely.

A more well rounded package then EP 3.1, with Starecase turning in another quality remix. Be sure to check this out.

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