Artist: DJ Remy
Title: EP 3.1
Label: Additive Records
By: Simon Jones | 3 July 2002
  • A: In Your Face (Original Mix)
  • B: Butterfly (Pappa And Gilbey Mix)

DJ Remy "EP 3.1"

Out Now on Additive Records

Remy Unger, aka DJ Remy has pioneered deep progressive grooves for many years, sliding in his own brand of techno influenced sound over the top to create some unique material which has been championed by the likes of Sasha, John Digweed and Seb Fontaine. Recently he was awarded the title of Techno DJ of the Year at the Dutch Dance Awards. Having released two EPs on Additive previously, Remy now unleashes EP3 on us, and this is the first part, 3.1

The Original Mix of In Your Face is a fusion of trademark Remy beats, cooked up with some subtle rolling basslines and snares. DJ Remy arranges these sounds in such a way that it builds and builds into what one would call a "peaktime bomb". The production is good, but it's nothing different to what we've heard from the man before.

Over on the flip, Anthony Pappa and Mara's Barry Gilbey deliver a mix of the track Butterfly, a deep brooding rework utilising a compacted bassline that sounds like a mechanical machine powering along as synth stabs are fired off like instructions of binary code being processed. As we have come to expect from this duo, the production is top notch and this remix will find it's way into many dj sets.

In addition to the other half of the EP3.2, Additive are set to unleash Remy's debut long player later this year. Sadly the original mix of In Your Face does not really live up to previous works such as Backstabber or Serious Damage but be sure to check out the Pappa and Gilbey Mix. Good stuff.

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