Artist: Descent
Title: Gravity Drop / Fusion
Label: Fade Records
By: Chad Harnish | 9 December 2002
  • A: Gravity Drop
  • B: Fusion

Descent "Gravity Drop / Fusion"

Out Now on Fade Records

Eyal, reveals another side of his production capabilities under the alias Descent with this release "Fusion" / "Gravity Drop" on Chris Fortier’s Fade Records. Eyal’s prior productions and remixes have been heavily supported by Seb Fontaine, Dave Ralph and Taylor to name a few, and one track in particular, “Dreamcatcher” received rave reviews from Mixer and Mixmag.

If you follow Digweeds KISS Show, you may remember hearing “Fusion” way back in April dropped by none other than Chris Fortier. It was snug tightly in between a track by Youtopia and a remix by Pole Folder. That may give you a hint as to what sounds Eyal brought into this production. He gave “Fusion” a collection of great production elements that bring it to the front of the crowd and could easily be a Digweed or Sasha canned track. It has a vocal element that is reminiscent of those used by Deep Forest. With those vocals layered on a tough driving groove and subtly hidden melody, “Fusion” will play straight into the hearts on the floor.

Flip it over for a harder “Gravity Drop”. This track has a slew of interconnected samples accenting the tough driving bass line. “Gravity Drop” builds momentum and power in a machine like fashion, culminating into a brief bit of euphoria where Eyal throws in a ethnic flute sound. Layers of ambience are used along with the flute allowing listeners to bliss out for a bit before the beat kicks back in to finish out the track.

There will be more from Eyal in the future as he recently had "Snap Dragon" / "Deep End" signed to one of the UK's premier record labels, Red Parrot Records (Virgin, UK), so watch for that. As for Fade Records, well, they have a number of great releases lined up featuring artists such as Chris Fortier, Smight, Luke Fair and Randall Jones.

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