Artist: Deep Amok
Title: Shades / Darkness
Label: Black Records
By: Simon Jones | 23 January 2002
  • A: Shades
  • B: Darkness

Deep Amok "Shades / Darkness"

Out Now on Black Records

Deep Amok, also known as Shmuel Flaishler, one of Israel's top producers and part of the Flash Brothers with his brothers, Ilan and Reuven. Between the three of them they have tracks licensed to Perfecto, Bedrock, Enter Music, Hooj, and of course this label, Black.

Black, so called because it represents the underground, a means of getting the darker sounds that are heard in the far corners of the globe to a wider audience, showcasing the massive talent that lays hidden away at the same time. And what a way to start. Right now Shmuel and his brothers are making a serious mark on the progressive scene with their fresh ideas and innovative production.

The A side, Shades starts off with an operatic intro, that leads into trippy percussion lines, eerie samples and deep atmospheric effects. A pulsating, growling and hypnotic workout.

Meanwhile the AA side, Darkness is a more foreboding darker cut, starting off with minimal percussion, as shattering synths explode their way through the bassline, the sinister vocal enters your mind, as the track builds and builds. More energetic than Shades, but equally as dark.

A superb start for this new label, and I look forward to seeing what else this label is going to introduce us to over the next few months.

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