Artist: Decepticons
Title: The Beast
Label: Dorigen Music
By: Chloe Harris | 24 November 2002
  • A1: The Great Beast
  • B1: The Lesser Beast
  • B2: Beauty Of The Beast

Decepticons "The Beast"

Out Now on Dorigen Music

Deceptions are back with their follow up for Dorigen Records. Making a name for themselves in many djs boxes, and onto Anthony Pappa’s Resolution cd. They have a nice, deep sort of tribal techy sound many people adore. This tune is another slice of their deep tones, along with a nice vocal sample to fill up the space.

The Great Beast starts out with a low tone, along with a mans voice that is sort of chanting. His voice sounds very sad. The drums are filtered, and the bass rolls in. It’s driving and groovy. We hold for a moment, as the tribal drums come in. A washy synth and the voice, along with a sharp tone, really grabs your attention. The break is long, and we soar into a crystal clean sounding synth line. It’s very pretty, as all sorts of odd things happen inside of it; some chanting, some twinkle sounds, drums that are slight but rolling. Little bleeps in the air drive the tune back into the filtered drums, and off into the distance.

On the flip we get The Lesser Beast. We start out with some claps, as the voice comes in again. The drums are filtered and a bit techier. We stop for a short break, as the little bleeps take us on. There isn’t a deep break like in the original, but this has it’s own flair; it’s a more of a sinister dub version, and could work in many different styled sets.

And last we get Beauty Of The Beast, which is a lovely almost ambient tune. The synth arises, and the voice comes in. The drums, minus the kick roll in for a quick minute. A lot of the elements are there, its just more laidback. This track could be used as a set opener, or even as a nice breakdown.

Another good release for Deceptions, showcasing what they do well; deep tones, nice trippy tribal atmospheres, and soothing synths.

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