Artist: Dave London & Filthy Rich
Title: Twisted
Label: Distinctive Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 January 2003
  • A: Breaks Mix
  • B: Future Funk Squad's Insulation Mix

Dave London & Filthy Rich "Twisted"

Out Now on Distinctive Records

Filthy Rich hails from Orlando, but don't let that put you off because not all breaks that come from there are 'mickey mouse breaks' as some people would call them. No sir, for here he teams up with old friend and uk based producer Dave London, whom he first met whilst studying for a communications degree in the US and they have worked together on various things since, but for now, they just want us to get 'Twisted'.

Wasting no time in cutting to the chase, the 'Breaks Mix' thunders into action. Tightly packed beats dig into the underlying percussion and then it all takes a 'twisted' turn as pulsating synths smash across the beats as they co-work like a binary instruction in inifinite loop. This isn't Pentium Power, this just rocks you to the core of your soul. This is all before the atmospheric break kicks in and snare percussion punches it's way to the surface and then it's suddenly full on, heads down, no nosense filth that will have you bouncing on the floor. As a certain breakbeat conisseur from Swansea might say, it's 'dirty, evil stuff', and in this case he's probably right.

Future Funk Squad have been making a name for themselves in recent months and here on the 'Insulation Mix' they strip things down and opt for a more restrained approach. However, don't let that make you think that this is 'breaks for wimps' as you are liable to get kicked where it hurts. The bass sits down low whilst the percussion rains over the top on this rework, building and building until the twisted riffs dispersing the percussion and replacing it with some rapid fire snare action which brings things to a head nicely.

The 4000AD assault continues, from Fabric to Spundae and further afield.. snap this beauty up.

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