Artist: Darko
Title: Phased
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 14 August 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Blackwatch Spanish Harlem Dub

Darko "Phased"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

Darko follows on from his recent Code Of The Toad release with a brand new release for the Mechanism imprint, and this time the label have enlisted one Michael Thomas, better known to many as Blackwatch to provide a remix here to offer up something a bit different, and that alone is enough to make people take notice of this track, so let's find out how good Darko's Phased is.

Kicking off things with his own version, Darko steps up to the plate and lays down a tight groove, layering effect upon effect over the top, hiding the strange sound that lingers in the background deep in the depths of the bassline. As the track evolves though, things peel back to reveal some funky hooks as we enter into the deep breakdown briefly before the track thunders on once more. Typical Darko production here as those who have followed his productions over the months will know very well, and he adds yet another tight production to his list of accolades.

The real treat here is the remix. The master of dub, Blackwatch takes the track and rips it apart. Taking a tight percussion line and adding some deep dubby beats over the top, the mix really locks into a groove as we descend onwards and into the massive break, where everything stops for a moment before the chaos ensues once more. Blackwatch has the groove and once again demonstrates why he is one of the hottest producers around at the moment. Addictively good.

Already licensed to Bill Hamel's Balance 003 and supported by many jocks including Hernan Cattaneo, this is probably one of the best Mechanism releases of recent months, and hopefully we can expect more quality output from the label soon.

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