Artist: Dan Morris & Shylock
Title: Gasp
Label: Fade Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 July 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Ode To Pi Mix

Dan Morris & Shylock "Gasp"

Out Now on Fade Records

Dan Morris and Shylock hail from Salt Lake City, Utah and have previously released the track Cherokee on Mechanism, in addition to further material which crosses the boundaries of progressive and house music on Silver Pearl. Now they return with a track that has already been causing a stir since its inclusion on Chris Fortier's Bedrock album, Gasp

Rising beat patterns and rattling synths lead us into the Original Mix, as the percussion line twist and slithers onwards and snares drop along the soundscape. As we progress, deep stabbing sounds vibrate in the background with eerie effects, as glock style sounds someone akin to bubbles popping, gasping for air rise to the surface and diserpate between the beats, before the beats fade into a deep trickling break before moving on once more, building momentum and atmosphere as we head into the second break where some subtle strings are introduced to great effect. A journey into the deep via Utah.

The Ode To Pi Mix is more laid back, utilising a continous groove and some dubbed out effects to try and take the track off in a different direction. Whilst they manage to put together a track that still sounds ok, it doen not really go anywhere and as such the ideas fall apart and the track loses the greatness it started off with.

26 releases on, Fade finally seem to have found a niche it wants to expand on and make a real play to become more than just another US progressive label, with each release offering something different to the previous one. We will see whether they manage to capatalise on the momentum built by this release and Ben Camp's Timewreck soon enough.

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