Artist: Dan Goodall
Title: Trippid / Tough Monkey
Label: Niche Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 July 2002
  • A: Trippid
  • B: Tough Monkey

Dan Goodall "Trippid / Tough Monkey"

Out Now on Niche Records

Dan Goodall hails from Southampton and having spent much of his teenage years being influenced by bands like Nirvana and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, he soon began to wonder what long time friend James Zabiela was talking about when he mentioned such names Sasha and Digweed and started to wonder all about the acid house movement. It was only a matter of time before the bug bit him and he ventured into the scene and became hooked. Soon thereafter he was bitten by the production bug, and here are the first two offerings from him, Trippid, which has already been supported by James Zabiela and Sasha, and the track Tough Monkey on the flip.

A rising drum percussion array rattles away, beats pulsate in the background, before rattling synths bounce off the soundscape being formed and it all meshes together nicely as effects trickle subtly through the speakers, before the main bassline kicks in. Welcome to Trippid. Large chunky grooves and beat patterns really add to the track and give it a deep as fuck feeling, before we enter the first layer of the break which takes over, before the main break hits you in the face. You can just imagine being at Arc or Fabric and grinning like an idiot when this happens. Deep, hypnotic, and an excellent debut from this youngster.

Tough Monkey on the other hand is more subtle in it's ways, a subtle kick drum and soft percussion building the groove into a moody vibrating bassline that fluctuates as the percussion weaves it's way along, quirky vox effects echoing away in the background, before the dark break heralds a slight change of course once more, warming up to the main section of the track where atmospherics add some depth to the bassline. Nicely done Mr Goodall.

For a debut release, these two tracks show much promise, and soon we will find out if Mr Goodall is destined for further adventues in the music scene when his track 'Summit' gets released on Fracas soon.

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