Artist: D-Track
Title: Back To Bass / Basedrum
Label: Fluid Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 22 December 2002
  • A: Back To Bass
  • B: Basedrum

D-Track "Back To Bass / Basedrum"

Out Now on Fluid Recordings

Alex McCulloch and Austin Moore also known as the Shafunkers, hail from Manchester, England. Already having releases on Choo Choo Recordings, and doing well with their remix of D.Ramirez's 'Bounce Your DJ', they hop over to fellow Manc inhabitants Fluid Recordings to produce under the alias D-Track. With steady, and heavy grooves, and a mean bassline, they’ve found a home in many dj’s boxes, including none other then Ali from Deep Dish.

'Back To Bass' starts in with a thick drumline with claps, and some groovy percussion. An “eh” sound hits, as a lower percussive tone starts in. The bassline is funky, and a spacey tone goes over you. It’s a sinister creeper, that has weird tones, and some lovely spooky sounds. Falling into a very minimal break, which sways with sounds, and moves back into the beats.

'Basedrum' has been kicking around Deep Dish sets, and seems to be getting a lot of attention from the bigger djs. A techy feeling drum, and really nice highs, carried along by a very groovy, and twisted bassline, make this a class tune. Quality sounds, roll in and out, as weird sounds fill up the space. A drum sample says “Bassdrum” and pulls you deeper into the filtered effects. This song never lets up, and continues banging on till the end.

Funky quality from the Fluid camp, and another groovy, sinister number from Alex and Austin. You should also check out their work as Shafunkers, for some dirty, filthy house, at it’s finest.

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