Artist: Chris Cargo
Title: Question
Label: Choo Choo Ltd
By: Matthew Esler | 8 March 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mara Vs Dark Driver Seks Remix

Chris Cargo "Question"Chris Cargo "Question"

Out Now on Choo Choo Ltd

"Question. Are you one of these people who listens to music and it makes your body want to gyrate to the sounds? In gyrate to the sounds, what I mean is, would you like to move your body in such a way that it dances to the beat of the music?"

This amazing tune caught my attention almost immediately with the very slightly offbeat African sounding drum that sits next to the pounding bouncy dark bass. It doesn't take long for the layers to build up, and each has it's own attitude that compliments the others to keep your attention and excite you. Lucien Foort said: "I've always tried to make adrenaline and melody collaborate, trying to create layer after layer of sounds that interact, while the groove train takes off". That is what Chris Cargo has done here.

It is often the case that an 8 or 9 minute progressive house track will either take too long to get going or leave you bored while waiting for it to end. Not so with "Question", which gets you interested quickly and keeps you there by subtly adding and slowly morphing funky layers of percussion and bass throughout the track. All this is brilliant work, but it is the kooky vocal which will catch the attention of the distracted punter in a club. This vocal demands your attention, and once you hear what it has to say, it is hard not to obey. The vocal asks questions of you with a curious tone and has a slightly authoritative sound to it when it makes the simple request: "Please do move your body right now to the beat of the music."

The Mara vs Dark Driver Seks Remix is a darker harder mix, again quickly building up a selection of funky layers, although this mix tends to ease them in or crash them in with a one off sound more often than the original, which tends to drop them in unashamedly as they are (not a bad thing at all).

A sinister bass line and scary human sounding exclamations in the background (that one might expect to hear deep into a Lawler set)occasionally come to the fore to scare you a bit, and these herald the entry of the vocals. The vocals are mostly true to the original, but with more echo. This works well in continuing the more sinister sound of the remix. The build up into the breakdown will leave dance floors worldwide reeling as the many layers all seem to come back a bit and the harsh grinding sound that sweeps in and out serves to make the track more aggressively evil. This mix has a slightly more tribal feel to it than the original, and will best be used in very dark surrounds where people can obey the demands of that powerful voice in their own little scared world.

A-side or B-side, take your pick, as the general consensus from DJs such as Ali Shirazinia (Deep Dish), Tom Stephan (Superchumbo), Jesse Skeens (Medway), Kasey Taylor, Moshic and Lucien Foort is that both sides are excellent. Go and buy it... impress your friends.

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