Artist: Chonga
Title: The Night Day Moment EP
Label: Acute Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 6 January 2003
  • A: Mudwater Blues
  • B: Electric Kung Fu Midnight

Chonga "The Night Day Moment EP"

Out Now on Acute Recordings

Philip Jason, known as Chonga as well as Jas, has had numerous records out on various labels. His next Chonga tune, comes from Jason Jollins imprint Acute Recordings. This is a great release for Phil, as he works a sinister feel, along with tribal, and techy drums, into something lovely and slightly dirty.

'Mudwater Blues' is a deep and funky, with a bassline that is low and large. There are layers of drum sounds; low toms, and a thick kick, as well as filtered changes and delays, which really create a nice atmosphere. With small sounds floating in and out, a big rush of sound comes in, and brings the tune to a halt. With an absence, drums fall in and away, only to come back into some rich tribal sounds. The bassline comes back full force, bouncy, and along with claps. This is a nice chugger, that really keeps the groove moving, with all the layers of drums, and a minimal feel.

'Electric Kung Fu Midnight' starts out with a sinister feel. A pulsing bass sound, as well as a lovely piano tone, starts us off, as the drums make their way into the mix. A kick comes in, along with toms, and a bubbly sound. The deep brooding electro rumble melts in underneath, making a thick bass. There are little delayed floaty sounds that fall perfectly. The drums change often, as the song never really lets up. A very liquified, groovy tune, which will devastate dance floors all over.

A class EP from Chonga. His deep tones, and pulsing basslines, are really groovy, while still remaining dark. This year looks to be a good year for Phil with releases coming on several labels including Inversus and Hooj, watch out for them.

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