Artist: Chonga
Title: The Super Stella Fragalistic EP
Label: Chug Records
By: Chloe Harris | 10 September 2002
  • A: Nasty
  • B: Reflections Of Dark

Chonga "The Super Stella Fragalistic EP"

Out Now on Chug Records

Philip Jason, who is also knows as Jas, gives us a tune from his Chonga moniker and takes us on a dark tribal journey for Chug Recordings. Loads of focus on the drumming, as well as the deep basslines and is made for a dancefloor to be rocked, that is for sure.

A deep kick starts us out, as a reverbed sound fills up the background. Growing with some nice crunchy claps, to a thunderous bass that bounces with every hit. An arpeggiated sound comes into the mix, and sort of creates the high hats. A cool washing sound comes over you, just to pull you deeper into the toms, and tribal drumming. This song never really builds up or down, and just plods along, keeping you in it's Nasty contol.

Reflections of Dark starts with a snare hit, and a nice rolling bass that moves beneath you. Delayed drums slowly come into the mix, with some nice and spooky, dirty claps. The small sounding high hats come in, and are delayed and bounce between each speaker. The heavy toms come in and add another layer of sound. Delayed sounds funnel through the speakers, and phase in and out. The break is a deep sinister place, very dry, just with toms and drums making their way into the thick air. The song comes in again to work with the groovy synth that comes in and collapses around the drums. A shaker ends the song, as it all fades away. Wicked tune!

Both of these tunes really move on the dancefloor. Representing the dark, sinister vibe, they are for those moments of turning the set in a different direction, or moving it slowly through different dimensions. Nice work on another gem for Chonga.

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