Artist: Chiller Twist
Title: The Way
Label: Plum Projects
By: Simon Jones | 7 December 2001
  1. Stringz Ultd
  2. House Of Morricone
  3. Bootsy Goes East
  4. The Way
  5. Circle Of Seven
  6. Do You Hear It?
  7. Driverz Of The Deep

Chiller Twist "The Way"

Out Now on Plum Projects

The mysterious Sl!m, better known as Chiller Twist has gained an impressive following of supporters, with names such as Paul Oakenfold, Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier, Jody Wisternoff and DJ Tiesto just a few of the DJs who support him. Add to this high profile remixes for labels such as Bonzai (Velvet Girl), Additive (another Velvet Girl mix), ADSR (Sugarglider) and Perfecto (Jan Johnston) and it's an impressive CV for someone who promotes himself via

Of course in addition to the remixes there are the productions. One of his most famous productions is 'Driverz Of The Deep' which has been on numerous compilation albums, including Jerry Bonham's Spundae Interpretations II and Jody Wisternoff's Way Out There album. With its luscious synths and solid bass, it fits perfect in both a progressive set or a laid back Balearic set.

Other standout tracks on the album include 'Do You Hear It?' laid back progressive house with a haunting use of strings and pads, to create an almost eerie feel. Current single 'Stringz Ultd' with its sweeping synths and melodies has been called 'the ultimate Ibiza dream track'.

These are just a few of the tracks on offer, each a diverse change to the previous, utilising all manner of samples from dubs to echoes, to Arabian flutes and techno bass drums, all meshed together into a cohesive, hypnotic mix of progressive styles, which if you are a fan of Orbital, you will appreciate very much.

A superb debut album from an artist who has much promise and only great things ahead in the future. With the ideas and inspirations transformed into chords on offer here, Chiller Twist definitely seems to know 'The Way' forward.

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