Artist: Charlie May
Title: Bug
Label: Junior Records
By: Simon Jones | 15 November 2001
  • A: Behemoth
  • B: Lost In Haste
  • C: Feeding The Hand That Bites
  • D: GKP

Charlie May "Bug"

Out Now on Junior Records

Charlie May, sometimes collaborator of Sasha and William Orbit, and one half of the former, soon to be reformed progressive supergroup, Spooky delivers an EP of tracks for the superb Junior label, the eponymousily named 'Bug'

Having had a hand in some of the biggest tracks of the past 5 years, namely Sasha's timeless classics Xpander and Belfunk, Charlie also collaborated again with Sasha and Darren Emerson on Scorchio. More recently he's been twidling the knobs for William Orbit for his forthcoming long player, as well as working with Sasha on his long overdue artist album. With such an established background, Charlie is driven by the belief that all electronic music must be 'timeless' and as such he will not release something unless the quality is extremly high and the production polished to the nth degree.

'Bug' is an EP of varying style, crossing between house, electro and techno. Commencing with a Kraftwerk influenced intro, 'Behemoth' then develops into a mutated electronic workout that combines a deep electro vibe with a subtle Balearic twist before breaking back down into an atmospheric outro. 'Lost In Haste', a moody, driving, piano led beast of a tune that sounds like Basic Channel meets Sasha follows on, already showing how well rounded a producer May is. Over on the second disc you'll find the warped, progressive groove of 'Feeding The Hand That Bites', a unique blend of metallic beats and menacing effects. 'GKP' (an alternative mix of Behemoth) brings the EP to a close with textured sounds and drum patterns thickly underpinning a simple melody to create a futuristic techno masterpiece.

With work on another EP underway and almost two albums worth of both experimental and downtempo material that he could release, the man May is here to stay, and with the return of Spooky with a new single in 2002, it will be like they have never left our sight. Whilst a bit of a departure from Junior's normal sound, this is a purchase that should be snapped up regardless.

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