Artist: Chad Jackson
Title: Rock
Label: Acetate Ltd
By: Vince Hart | 11 January 2003
  • A: Twister Remix
  • B: Hacienda Remix

Chad Jackson "Rock"

Out Now on Acetate Ltd

Chad Jackson is a producer and dj who has made a name for himself by becoming the first British DMC World Mixing champion and since has played at many venues across the UK and further afield. His productions under guises such as Markus, Nova Project and Drumscape have also been well received, but here he delivers a track under his own name, following on from his previous 2002 release 'Brake', entitled 'Rock'.

The 'Twister Mix' on the a-side immediately welcomes us to the groove with a vocoded “we gonna’ rock you” snippet. With a heavy nod to the 80’s, this atmospheric electro-influenced breakbeat jam slides in and out of your consciousness demanding you to tap your foot to the beat. Breakbeat DJ’s who don’t mind a little retro will find this delectable.

The 'Hacienda Mix' on the flip is a vocoder-laden bumping synth-induced progressive house rendition with some tribal percussion added for rump-shaking measure. The groovy bassline serves to keep the track moving to the last beat. For the DJ’s, this track serves as a good transition into peaktime prog territory.

Another decent release from Acetate. Expect material from Hyper as the year continues, with a track entitled 'Catnip' which is featured on the new Bedrock Breaks: Fractured album.

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