Artist: Chad Jackson
Title: Brake
Label: Acetate Ltd
By: Vince Hart | 5 July 2002
  • A: Electro Mix
  • B: 4th Floor Mix

Chad Jackson "Brake"

Out Now on Acetate Ltd

Chad Jackson, an Acetate veteran who has produced under a myriad of monikers including Markus, brings his first Acetate release this year. The Electro Mix is just what you might suspect it to be...a choppy, electro breakbeat affair with some analogous Hybrid-like squelches and a raw looped bassline. The breakdown brings a synth loop that is VERY characteristic of Koma & Bones "High Rollin." An overused vocal "Break" sample chimes in now and again throughout the course of the track as these themes are toyed with.

The 4th Floor Mix on the flipside pays tribute to the minimal tribal house luvahs. Offering a completely different flavor, this mix caters to the Tenaglias and Lawlers among us. Syncopated reverse percussive action underlies the 4-to-the-floor groove while a single-note drone-like bassline bangs away overhead. A metallic synth melody creates yet another layer in this tapestry of sound while an incessant eerie chirping is subtly added in the background. Perfect for haunting a serious dancefloor.

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