Artist: Cass & Slide / Danny Tenaglia
Title: Fever Rising
Label: Fire Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 15 November 2001
  • A: Cass And Slide Mix
  • B: Ben Shaw Mix

Cass & Slide / Danny Tenaglia "Fever Rising"

Out Now on Fire Recordings

Cass and Slide. One of the most respected production outfits in the progressive scene. Danny Tenaglia. THE most respected DJ in the world. The DJ of DJs. When these two factors collide in an enclosed space for over half a day with lots of studio equipment, Fever Rising is the result.

Coming as a precursor to the eagerly anticipated Cass and Slide artist album, Fever Rising features the vocal talents of Fire Recordings vocalist, Adele Holness, who previously lent her tones to Ben Shaw's acclaimed 'So Strong'. Already a massive track in the box of Hernan Cattaneo and Lee Burridge as well as Cass and Danny, the anticipation is now at fever pitch.

The 'Queenspark To Queens Mix' is Cass and Slide's own interpretation of the track. Underpinning Adele's soft vocal with a dark bassline, overlayed with deep drum stabs and stuttered vocal snippets, creating a very atmospheric dark driving monster of a track that twists and weaves across the dancefloor like a slowly mutating soundscape that surrounds you and takes control of you, a trait that can only be attributed to tight production by the don himself, who knows exactly what to do to get the reaction he wants from the crowd.

Over on the flip, Ben Shaw strips down the track, keeping the bass to a more minimalistic level, and introducing an electro influenced tribal element that vibrates through the bassline, giving the track a tech house sound that is finding favour in the box of Deep Dish as of late, and was played by them at the launch party for their Global Underground Moscow album.

If this is any indication of what we can expect from the album, which will feature several other collaborations, then a lot of people will begin to appreciate Cass and Slide for more than just the 4/4 productions they have a reputation for.

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