Artist: Cass
Title: Mind Rewind
Label: Sabotage Systems
By: Simon Jones | 7 January 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: MOMU Breaks Mix

Cass "Mind Rewind"

Out Now on Sabotage Systems

Cass Cutbush, international globetrotting DJ and one half of the duo Cass and Slide, responsible for such highly regarded productions as 'Perceptions' and 'Opera'. Over the past few years Cass and Slide (Pete Martin) have put their hand to over two dozen productions and an equal amount of remixes. With their imprint Fire Recordings they pushed the 'progressive house' template to places most other labels shyed away from. As long as it was good music, that's all that mattered.

Fast forward to 2003, and Fire Recordings has been disbanded due to increasingly seperate schedules for Cass, Slide and indeed fellow co-hort Lee Burridge, but thankly Cass has made sure he has found time to continue to share the music he loves with his fans and vinyl junkies alike with his new label Sabotage Systems. An imprint that just aims to put out good music, whatever the genre, and the first release comes from Cass himself, with a track that has already had many words said about it. That track is 'Mind Rewind'.

A rough effect ladden beat rattles its way, as if hypnotically entranced by a snake charmer, the sweeping horns emerging to lead the beats through a deep and mystic journey. As the beat loses its set course for a moment, a subtle loopback riff takes us into the unknown, before the horns return once more with more intent, and electro tinged sounds wash over the twisted beat as the finale of this 'Original Mix' gets into full swing. This track just oozes a quality that draws you right in and then abuses your mind to it's heart content with it's sublime sounds.

A west coast flavour is added on the remix as MOMU, aka Jondi (of Jondi and Spesh fame) and Mark Musselman taken things down a more spacial route with dark and lucious progressive breaks remix, stretching out the horn patterns and adding in some nice delay that just builds to the brain wave altering breakdown. Another fine mix from San Fran's finest.

In terms of appeal, this is very much a double edged sword, with the added appeal that both mixes will work any dancefloor into a state of frenzy, making sure this is a record that can remain in your box to do the business anytime you so choose. With forthcoming material from Tom Mangan and Blue Room Project, soon all our boxes will be 'Sabotaged'.

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