Artist: Bluephaze
Title: The Bell
Label: Vapour Recordings
By: Ariel Benarrivo | 2 March 2002
  • A: Nash T's Original Mix
  • B: Main Element Dub
  • C: Main Element Remix
  • D: Ocean Wave Remix

Bluephaze "The Bell"

Out Now on Vapour Recordings

Australian producer Nash T is the man behind Bluephaze. 'The Bell' is his latest single and it was quickly signed by Kasey Taylor's massive Vapour imprint for full release across 2 x 12s.

The first disc features Nash T's original version which takes the tribal/progressive sound to another level, setting new boundaries with its deep and percussive sound. The flip side offers a dub remix from Main Element aka Gwill Morris. This version is a chilled out spin with a stunning finish that should fit well into the later stages of a set.

The second disc comes once again from Gwill Morris, who has turned many heads last year with a variety of remixes for Yum Yum and Graham Camp. His main mix goes on a full-on assault, taking no prisoners with its non compromising approach which doesn't let go. On the flip side you'll find Kasey Taylor's Ocean Wave remix which takes on a more minimal approach but still manages to kick hard and build a unique atmosphere.

This has to be Vapour's best release to date, and with releases from the likes of Vance Musgrove on the horizon, things can only get better.

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