Artist: Blu Yonder
Title: Hypnotic
Label: EQ Grey
By: Simon Jones | 4 September 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Ortus Airgap Mix

Blu Yonder "Hypnotic"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Paul Plug is a producer who likes to spread his wings. Be it releasing as Blind on Blind Recordings, or as Acquired Sound or Undisputed Truth on Plastic Fanatastic's labels. More recently he teamed up with his family Jiten and Mark to release the track LA Rain as Blu Yonder on EBU, and they quickly follow that up with this release, Hypnotic for EQ Grey.

Lush chords lead us into a deep and trippy percussion line, subtle rolling bass combining with the emotive vocal as the groove gets deeper and more hypnotic. From here things change up a little, as melodies rise and fall in the background, adding to the atmosphere of the track, before letting the vocal which has gradually been eased in take centre stage to lead us into the outro, techy grooves slowly replacing the other sounds one by one as the track draws to an end. A mix that will sit well with prog and tech house heads alike.

The remix comes from rising star Lewis Hopkin who delivers an Ortus Airgap Mix. Depth is definately evident here as some tight percussive beats introduce a pulsating sounds which ripples away in the background, deep bass pulsating away amidst the the broken beat-esque snares as the pace lifts inch by inch before the track comes to life, a slightly more driving groove forcing the sounds to collide in one mesh of beats, synths and atmospherics, climaxing in a break which brings us gradually back to normality. Gently does it..

Seven releases into its life, EQ Grey is making a real dent in not only the Australian scene but also the much wider world market. With talk of an offshoot label, EQ Blue happening in the future, great things lie ahead.

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