Artist: Blackwatch Presents Mykel
Title: I'm Here
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 14 November 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Laid Remix

Blackwatch Presents Mykel "I'm Here"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Anyone who knows Michael Thomas will know that he is not someone who's intimidated by restraint, rules or anything that may or may not be politically correct. In other words, he just doesn't give a s**t. As Blackwatch, he has rapidly ascended the ranks of the music scene to become one of the most respected and accoladed producers currently working today. From initial releases on Pitch Black to remixes for quite literally the who's who of progerssive music Once again he pushes that boundary once more, enlisting the services of operatic thespian Michael Dicus aka Mykel for the very different 'I'm Here' which is testament to what I said previously about this man. He isn't out to work within confines which can result in the music going up it's own arse. He's just out to make music and have a laugh at the same time.

The 'Original Mix' pulls no punches as Blackwatch works in some of his trademark bass grooves, with beat arrangements tighter than.. well just tight, dropping into the percussive bass groove with precision execution as Mykel's warped out, vocal take us on a journey through 16 and 23rd street, parties going on, whilst he searches for some 'sauce for the shrimps'. As the story unfolds we discover there that Mykel has a very varied lifestyle, and that this cat is out to have fun. No doubt if he ever ventured into the South Bronx some hard pipe hittin' niggaz would have some objections though, and it's the ying and yang collective energy of Blackwatch and Mykel that make this so addictively good.

Swedish housers 'Laid' grab Mykel by the balls on the flip, following on from their awesome remix of Telepopmusik's 'Love Can Damage Your Health' with another funktastic house mix that just hypnotically gets you into the groove as dirty slap bass washes over the groove with the icing on the cake coming from some trademark dirty licks. Another outstanding remix from this production trio who look destined for big things.

Whilst this is sure to offend a minority, I can happily say that Blackwatch has put together yet another superb track that will find it's way into quite a diverse section of dj boxes as well record collections of all dedicated house collectors out there. Just remember, it's all about daring to be and that is what I feel gives Blackwatch an edge in this saturated music scene.

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