Artist: Blackwatch Presents Mykel
Title: I'm Here (Remixes)
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 14 November 2002
  • A: Soul Mekanik Version
  • B: Sir Drew Heshe Remix

Blackwatch Presents Mykel "I'm Here (Remixes)"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

With the somewhat daring original no doubt appeasing traditional house heads out there, Hooj didn't want the leave the more specialised house heads out in the cold and have dragged in some top remixes of Blackwatch's latest cut, 'I'm Here', and have called upon the services of Soul Mekanik and Sir Drew to get funky and twisted for our listening pleasure.

Roland Bass and Luc Warm, collectively known as 'Soul Mekanik' build on the original template, stretching out the groove with some nice stutter effects, adding some sub bass effects to the percussion line, as it squelches and twists, soft harmonious chords melting into a slowly bubbling deep house groove that at times god forbid I say this, sounds almost like disco, but the production on this mix is so well done that you just finding yourself wanting to put it on again and again.

Finishing off things, in a last, but by no means least fashion comes a mix from one half of Chicken Lips and all round top bloke Andy Meecham who becomes 'Sir Drew' for the next few minutes, turning in a bass heavy 'Heshe Mix' that leans towards electroclash and old 80's style synth house with's it's bleepadelic bassline nicely forming the rolling nucleus of the track as Mykel's vocal dialogue just subtly oozes from within. Absolutely stunning. La Musica Tremenda!!

Watch out for forthcoming material from Blackwatch including collaborations with Quivver, Medway, BT and Dave Gardner with future releases forthcoming on Yoshitoshi and Pitch Black as well. Further proof that Michael Thomas is regarded as one of the hottest production talents of today.

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