Artist: Bill Hamel
Title: Phazon Phrequency
Label: Ministry of Sound
By: Chad Harnish | 23 August 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Blim Steady Mix

Bill Hamel "Phazon Phrequency"Bill Hamel "Phazon Phrequency"

Out Now on Ministry of Sound

With Phazon sound systems inhabiting venues such as the Twilo, Cream, Crobar & Renaissance just to name a few, Phazon has become synonymous with quality. No other sound system provides that heart stopping sub-base with no aural irritation. Before listening to this twelve, I hypothesize that Hamel must have created this track with this superior sound system in mind. My conclusion after listening? Yes, indeed.

Hamel’s Original mix makes a smooth sliding entrance and immediately begins laying the groundwork for some complex drum sequencing. The percussion development throughout the track is next to brilliant in my opinion. Is it a straight beat or is it a break beat or is it both (straight-break)? It definitely runs a fine line between the two, and while it is slighted towards 4x4, any skilled DJ could mix it into a breaks set. Hamel uses a stunning synth effect, which I am going to call the Phazon synth, that slices through the outer layer of sound to envelop the listener in a sonic blanket. The breakdown swirls and stretches into mind bending sound imagery. It is sure to be a hit on the floors.

And then there is the remix by B.L.I.M. There is no mistaking the breakbeats here. He rearranges Hamels tribal infused straight-break drums into a full blown, unrelenting breakbeat interpretation. The Phazon synth is recycled for use in a gritty ferocious manner and is a match made in heaven for the grit strewn bass line. B.L.I.M executes an excellent breakdown with some great production techniques that throws down into a bouncy DJ Icey styled bass line.

Thrown into both mixes is a sample of rapper Q-tip saying “NY” referencing New York. The song was originally written for Twilo’s label in New York before it went out of business after which was quickly snatched up by Ministry of Sound. There is also a Dolby 5.1 surround mix on DVD that is described to have “…sounds come flying in from every angle”. Unfortunately, there is no information regarding the release of the DVD.

Fans of Bill Hamel are anticipating the release of his remix of Lamb’s ‘Gabriel’ and his production work alongside BT. B.L.I.M. is currently completing his full lengther which is sure to be chock full of devastating drums, so watch for that.

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