Artist: Ben Camp
Title: Timewreck
Label: Fade Records
By: Simon Jones | 30 July 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Mara Mix

Ben Camp "Timewreck"

Out Now on Fade Records

Ben Camp is the latest addition to the Fade roster. As always Fade showcases some of the finest up and coming talent from all corners of the US and this young 20 year old hails from Baltimore. Already he shows much promise and obviously impressed Chris Fortier so much that both mixes of this track ended up on the recent Chris Fortier Bedrock Compiled and Mixed album, and now 'Timewreck' is available for the masses to snap up.

The Original Mix is built purely around some tight driving percussion, and as the track develops Ben layers more percussion over the top and layers even more in between the soundscape he is twisting all the time. As the track enters the descent into the break it soon picks back up even harder and more fierce than before. Ben Camp sure has some twisted ideas going on in that mind of his.

Sheffields's Mara provide the remix, taking the track into their territory, dark and gloomy like the disused steel works of their hometown. However rather than go the full on progressive route, Mara take the track deeper, adding in echoing effects behind the percussion line, giving the mix a real sense of depth and a futuristic sound to boot. If they were to made a modern day thriller in the vein of Bladerunner, this remix wouldnt be out of place on the score of that movie. A stunning remix from Mara.

With support for this release coming already from all the usual suspects, it's a sign that Fade is determined to build upwards and onwards over the coming months, and with releases from Steve Porter, Dan Morris and Shylock and the impressive newcomer Smight, you can ensure Fade is the last thing they will do in the progressive music scene.

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