Artist: Ben Camp
Title: Burning / Moving Force
Label: Inversus Limited
By: Chad Harnish | 1 November 2002
  • A. Burning
  • B. Moving Force

Ben Camp "Burning / Moving Force"

Out Now on Inversus Limited

Following his first solo production on Fade Recordings, “Timewreck”, Ben’s tendencies to reflect a deeper, darker vibe have gained him the attention of Inversus’ new “darker and more minimal” offshoot, Inversus Limited.

“Burning” has the designs written into it’s architecture for introducing a suspenseful DJ set. With a soft looming beginning, Ben builds “Burning” with precise momentum creating hills and valleys, all culminating in a tense, psycho reminding sense of feeling. This track ignites images of dark. This song ignites images of cold. It has a mild pace, but the atmosphere has the ability to get you all wound up. Like I said, it is perfect for opening a set.

“Moving Force” will have a better spot sitting further into a set as it’s built around a highly moving force. Given a similar sinister air, Ben steers this side of the record down the same dark path. The tone of these two tracks makes me wonder what Mr. Camp had going on in his life. Now the breakdown on this side gets it ON! It is sure to get any dancefloor frenzied with suspense and knocking the audience silly when it all plows through. It’s seriously doing massive destruction around the world.

Ben uses a sample in “Moving Force” and it goes like this “What kind of business are you in?... We predict the future, the best way to predict the future is to invent it.” I think Ben is taking it to heart and inventing his future with some great productions under his belt. For more of Ben’s sounds, you can hear “Syndrome” on Noel Sanger’s latest mix cd, Summertime 2. It is an awesome track and dark for the most part, but Ben opens a hole into his softer side with a smooth lush melody. But I’ll save my words for that review. Also watch for a new label between Ben and Patrick Turner called Movim Records due to have its first release - Patrick Turner + Jay Tripwire "Altered States" in the Spring of 2003. For now, enjoy this two tracker from Inversus Limited.

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