Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: Bedrock Compiled And Mixed
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 1 November 2002
  1. Universal Agents - Solomonic Agents
  2. Jay Tripwire - Caught With My Pants Down
  3. BLHIII Feat 80 - Marscater (Debo & Porter Mix)
  4. Thomas Penton & Luis Dura - Control Factor (Justin Obrien & Jonathan Dub)
  5. Choc Electrique - Edge Of Time (Illinton Mix)
  6. Haris - Touched By Dub
  7. Dearboy - Greyclouds (Drum Club Mix)
  8. Hamel Swain & Snell - Future (Mix One)
  9. Ben Camp - Timewreck
  10. Ben Camp - Timecrash (Mara Mix)
  11. Meat Katie - My Little Dancing Girl
  12. Sunscape & Chris Dee - Generik (Chab Mix)

Chris Fortier "Bedrock Compiled And Mixed"Chris Fortier "Bedrock Compiled And Mixed"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Bedrock has long been recognised as one of the driving forces in the progressive music scene, and with ventures into breaks with the last double cd released by the label, they now venture back onto the normal path for a brand new volume in the 'Compiled and Mixed' series.

Through John Digweed's US residency at Twilo, he got to know the Balance Promote team very well, and seeing as Jimmy Vam M has already mixed a volume of this prestigious series, its now the turn of a man John Digweed has gone on record as calling one of America's hardest working DJ's who has become a major player in the progressive house scene. Its time for Chris Fortier to take the reigns for the latest Bedrock - Compiled and Mixed, 24 tracks that showcase a variety of styles, sounds from the past, present and future, all seemlessly mixed into a double cd.

CD1 starts with a nice sublime cut from Universal Agents that people may think pays homage to the Tigerhook Corp, but there is a reason for that as one of it's members is involved in this production, working alongside the mightly G-Pal. The excellent Jay Tripwire continues this deep intro, before the massive smash that is John Debo and Steve Porter's remix of BLH's Marscater oozes through the speakers, the original of which is from an era long since past.

Things head off in a deeper direction as we glide through Thomas Penton and Luis Dura's brooding Control Factor, sweeping deeper still into the lush deep house of Illinton's interpretation of Choc Electrique's Edge Of Time into a track from promising producer Haris with a track that was given exclusively to Fortier entitled Touched By Dub. Its classic time once more as a track from ten years ago, Dearboy's Greyclouds appears, and people may recognise the sample from God Within's seminal classic, Raincry. Ben Camp's Timewreck is up next, as Mara grip it by the reigns and reintepret it leading into the massive collaboration between Bill Hamel and London boys Swain & Snell, resulting in the fresh sound of Future. Chris sprinkes some breaks into the mix from the excellent Meat Katie as the cd ends with the soothing yet disturbingly dirty Chab mix of Sunscape & Chris Dee's Generik, leaving you gasping for more.

And more is what we get.. as the sound of thunder and deep atmoshpheric effects signal the start of CD2 as Women Of Colour's Element trickles through the speakers, as Deep C and Randall Jones, two of the Tigerhook boys continue with the percussion driven The One, with its smokey sax samples that ease the mood into a deep drop courtesy of Chris's studio partner Neil Kolo, whos solo project Nova marks a turning point in the cd, its deep and trippy percussion leading into a sublime break before driving straght into the hypnotic Gasp by Dan Morris & Shylock.

Chris's friend Steve Porter pops up once more with John Debo as we get 'Deported'. A bit of oriental flavour is sprinkled in from Hong Kong producer Tszpun as the mix moves subtly along and into Steve Porter's massive single Nordica lifts the pace a few notches, as the tough, house chords and vocals of Coco Da Silva's @ Night erupt, you find yourself getting drawn in even deeper. John Graham and Steve Porter's 2 Days On Landsdown, a track currently unsigned but poised to become a monster as the year goes on. Rounding off the cd we have one of Chris's favourite artists Angel Moraes with the tough I-Jack remix of Turn It Up before the unreleased track from Chris himself, Losing Wait makes sure you are in for the ride right till the end, an amazing end to an amazing cd.

Whilst CD1 is good in its own right.. CD2 hammers home just how good a dj Chris is, how subtly he programs his sets and this album is proof of why hes one of the top DJs in North America and beyond. A stunning addition to the Bedrock series.

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