Artist: Bedrock
Title: Emerald (Remixes)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 18 October 2002
  • A1: Charlie May Quartzite Cluster Remix
  • B1: Bedrock Dub
  • B2: Reprise

Bedrock "Emerald (Remixes)"Bedrock "Emerald (Remixes)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

Bedrock's Emerald has already got it's appeal from the Original and Filterheadz remixes, but those lovely people at Bedrock decided to put together another set of mixes to ensure all bases were covered. So step forth Charlie May and Bedrock once more for the final exclamation point on the package.

Charlie May offers us his Quartzite Cluster mix first, taking the Original and keeping the best elements, a squelchy acidic percussion line replacing the original one as the mix instantly starts it's hypnotic spell. As the first key change kicks in and the filtered pads wash over the riff, things move forward subtly, intricate layer upon layer of soft fx and key changes creating a constant sound that forms the nucleus, growing and evolving as the sounds are pushed forward. As the main melody enters and we slide into the break, analogue-esque sounds compress the layered effects, like an industrial mechanism shifting gear, as the bottom end drops out and we are left with a subtle harmony that brings us back to normality with ease.

The Bedrock Dub is on a deeper tip in comparison to the original mix, a deep driving groove channeling intricate loops and snares for the first half of the track, giving off a slightly blissed out vibe, teasing with the big synth in the break before reverting to it's original destination, emphasis being placed on the arrangement rather than the melody and creating a nice alternative remix that lends scope to some exploration.. but more on that later...

The Reprise is just a little ambient-esque version of the main melody line which will no doubt come in useful for those djs who like to bridge transitions or have a little mash up fun in the mix. Coupled with the Bedrock Dub this lends to some interesting developments indeed.

A welcome 'extra' to the Emerald package, with the Charlie May remix no doubt being something that most people will pick up regardless of it's calibre. Of course, as we have come to expect from this man, the quality is top drawer as always, and as such this disc should be purchased along with the 1st 12" without question.

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