Artist: Various Artists
Title: Audiotherapy Pres: My Idea Of House EP
Label: Audio Therapy
By: Simon Jones | 22 November 2002
  • A1: Infusion - Legacy (Original Mix)
  • A2: Ashland - Clear (Original Mix)
  • B1: Digby And Oliver - Oracle (Dub)
  • C1: Hip Service - Badaboom Badabing
  • D1: Gloat - Wuarp

"Audiotherapy Pres: My Idea Of House EP"

Out Now on Audio Therapy

Audiotherapy is a new label run by Dave Seaman and some of his good friends who he has worked with on various projects over the past few years. Their goal, to deliver some of the finest house music around, whilst avoiding the usual cliches and pidgeonholing that comes with the territory in dance music. With such a history in the music scene, Dave has ensured he has the right team and artists to finally launch this label in early 2003, but in the meantime they have released this doublepack sampler of just what Audiotherapy is all about, an EP that's all about an 'Idea Of House'.

Starting off the EP are Chicago artists Ashland with their track 'Clear'. Manic guitar riffs kickstart the intro as drums smash in the background building in intensity. As things fade down to some order and the vocalist really shines as the drums drop over the house groove and booom, rock the house, as each verse drives the anger and intensity to the next level. Brief melancholic respite comes via the vocal solo as one final burst of drums and guitars brings things to an end. An indication that Audiotherapy refuses to be held within the usual confines of house music.

Things are kept 'down under' as the Original Mix of Infusion's 'Legacy' follows up on the a-side. These guys need no introduction as 2002 has seen them firmly in the spotlight with remixes for Main Element and Mangotrasher in addition to gigs all across the world ensuring the name Infusion is placed in most people's minds. This mix of 'Legacy' showcases exactly what these boys are all about, fusing electronic sounds and all manner of instruments with an ambient-esque groove, and this track is one of the standout tracks on their debut album 'Phrases and Numbers'. Audiotherapy have wisely enlisted Junkie XL to remix this track and that is already causing a buzz right across the music scene preceeding it's release soon.

Spin the disc over and we have Digby and Oliver's 'Oracle'. Those who remember Renaissnace Desire will remember the hypnotic beats and deep sounds that come together to create the pulsating groove that just loops and loops and loops as an industrial break silences things and the alien soundscapes take over from there. Another dark and mysterious gem from down under.

Some cultural flavour is added with Hip Service's 'Badaboom Badabing', an exclusive to this EP. A powerful rolling bassline pushes things forward right from the intro as some mellow chords simmer within the beats, as a large drum arrangement silences things for a massive looping guitar riff to kick off. Flamenco-esque synths wash over the riffs adding a sense of warmth to the track. Emotive chords and as the guitar kicks back in you will find it hard not to let yourself go to the beat. A track that will dazze your senses.

Bringing things to a close is 'Wuarp' by Gloat, and who can forget this track. It's been a staple in the sets of Dave Seaman for a few years now. The hypnotic riffs rattle like an alarm siren as synth stabs lace the groove, the track weaving it's tripped out way forward, twisting and fluctuating madly as the riffs loopback and create a large acidic bassline which really adds that missing element to the track and to borrow a house music term, 'it goes right off pal'. Even today this track is so fresh that you will just send the dancefloor into chaos each and any time you work it into a set

So there you have it. Audiotherapy's idea of house, and also my idea of house, the question is, will it be yours? Track down this limited edition doublepack sampler and find out.

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