Artist: Astroglyde Vs Naiki & Tini Tun
Title: Una Fresca
Label: Automatic Records
By: Simon Jones | 26 February 2002
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Red Roof Remix

Astroglyde Vs Naiki & Tini Tun "Una Fresca"

Out Now on Automatic Records

Starting with an atmospheric beat with etheral spoken vocal gliding over the track, as a tough beat drills through the panning soundscape and effects clash down amongst the beats, dropping into a deep pulsating groove then just bubbles as trippy percussion and synths just growl beneath the bassline, sharp snares interrupting on occasion, dropping into silence momentarily before a rising analogue effect lifts into the main vocal break. Dreamy yet eerily sinister.

The Red Roof remix utilises tough synth percussion, offset by dubby effects and drums with pan back and forth as vocal samples bounce back and forth, sounding metallic, before a series of analogue riffs push the track further, the beat becoming more relentless. However the track is arranged so perculiar it makes you wonder what they are trying to achieve, and I must say that I wasnt very impressed by this remix.

Already picked up by Andy Ling for a forthcoming compilation and the remix was featured on Ashley Casselle's Response album, but unfortunately this is a blip in what in the past few months has been a very consistent release schedule for Automatic.

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