Artist: Animated
Title: Grab the Rope
Label: Deviant Records
By: Simon Jones | 20 December 2001
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: FC Kahuna Mix
  • C: Soul Mekanik Mix
  • D: Animated Mix
  • E: Mr G Mix
  • F: Mr G Dub

Animated "Grab the Rope"

Out Now on Deviant Records

Animated, the leftfield project of Duncan Forbes (who spends the other half of his time with Charlie May as Spooky) and Laurent Webb (of Get Fucked fame) deliver their third single from the underrated album 'Tempting Fate', following on from Wired and Container #2. With a wide variety of mixes on offer, theres something for everyone here.

Alongside Animated's funky breaks original is the electro influenced monstrous re-interpretation by FC Kahuna (who will be producers to watch in 2002), as well as the restrained and laid back beats slung together by the excellent Soul Mekanik. Couple these powerful set of mixes with two from Mr G (Colin McBean of The Advent) who strips the beats right back to create two downright funky cuts with techno influenced beats. Animated also reinterpret it into a deep twisting array of beats to show a different set of ideas on the mix. Superb.

Already causing a stir with Lee Burridge who featured it on his Nu Breed album, its yet another example of Deviant's excellent a+r, promoting the most unobvious yet consistently good artists into record boxes the globe over. With the return of Spooky on Deviant in 2002, things can only get better.

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