Artist: Andy Moor
Title: Crazy Lady EP
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 November 2002
  • A1: No More (Original Mix)
  • B1: Athena (Placid Goddess Mix)
  • C1: Athena (Madness Mix)
  • D1: No More (Kenny Shifter Mix)

Andy Moor "Crazy Lady EP"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Andy Moor is a young producer, dj and artist based in the Midlands within the United Kingdom. Alongside Parks and Wilson, Tarrentella and Soul Mekanik, he has a studio at the home of the 'Midlands Progressive Mafia', the Cable Chamber, and it is here he has crafted productions ranging from deeper, darker stuff across to move emotive, soothing music. In addition to this he has worked as studio engineer on a large amount of Baroque's releases, engineering artists as well producing for the label, and it is the latter he does here, as he delivers his 'Crazy Lady EP'.

The 'Original Mix' of 'No More' builds slowly with a deep rolling bassline over which compacted synths and a lush rolling percusson line that sets a very atmospheric mood for the harmonious vocals of Lianne Brookson to occasionally trickle their way through the grated sounds, climxing in a breathing break, swirling sounds leading us out of thise into

The 'Placid Goddess Mix' of 'Athena' lays on the flipside of the first disc, a tribal influence evident in the bass heavy percussion, spinning along as trippy sounds bubble away in the backdrop, the sounds dropping out as a soft vocal faintly emits from within before drum patters wash over the groove like waves hitting against the shore, and once the melody and atmospheric vocal chants, courtesty of vocalist Hayley Mitchell, slide into the centre of the track, things become very spine chilling indeed. A mesmerizing break stops things in their tracks briefly before a deep drum ladden intertwined with subtle melodies slowly but surely brings things to outro.

The second disc starts with the 'Madness Mix' of 'Athena' which builds on the original, with deep spacious sounds and warm chords penetrating the tough tribal bassline as the vocal chants push the sounds to heavenly limits, subtle layer upon layer of effects filling out the gaps and analogue riffs bouncing off the drums as the vocal just melts into the soundscape created. Sensational.

Kenny Shifter is enlisted to lend a little outside influence on the package, having done some great work for Fluid Recordings in the past. Here he adds his own touch to 'No More', creating an uplifting slice of progressive trance that drives along at a nice consitant medium allowing Kenny to use the groove emerging to channel the flow of the vocal, running it on top of the bassline before the break heralds a change of direction as layer upon layer of soft synths come into play, creating a bubbling nucleus that everything is drawn into for the final emotional moments of this superb remix and ending the EP on a high.

Andy Moor takes a new direction with this EP following on from tracks such as 'Dark Amendments' and 'Tensile' and the change has more than paid off as this is his finest work to date, and hopefully further releases will be of this calibre.

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