Artist: Andy Ling
Title: Futura
Label: Fluid Recordings
By: John Blue | 7 December 2001
  • A: Main Mix
  • B: Dub

Andy Ling "Futura"Andy Ling "Futura"

Out Now on Fluid Recordings

From the mind of one of the most influential producers of the cool progressive groove comes "Futura" which looks set to become one of the most anticipated & successful releases on Fluid Recordings this year. His discography goes back to 1996 and he is definitely not a newbie in the progressive scene. Year 2001 sees the return of the mad & creative producer as he brought in the new funkytastic single, a follow-up to the 2 year old classic "Fixation."

Taking a different direction from the progressive madness of "Fixation" and "Tolerance" from the first release, "Futura" heads off into housey territory. His trademark is still there, but this time with the addition of distorted vocals & most unusual twist that is a part of the magic equation. If you like JB's Lazy Days, then this filthy dirty driving tune is right up you alley.

As you can tell, Andy Ling definitely is an artist who has the capability to take different sonic direction & develop sound that is never stagnant. While the Main Mix has rich house experience with some tribal vibe work at its core, the Dub Mix has that dark bassline growl coupled with to-die-for distorted synth stabs that will truly finish you off. Oh yeah, check that a mile long of breakdown. Overall, you can't go wrong with this record as it can be used to be mixed with some other groovy records. This is fun!

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