Artist: Andro
Title: Cant Deny / Magma
Label: Mechanism Records
By: Simon Jones | 22 October 2002
  • A: Cant Deny
  • B: Magma

Andro "Cant Deny / Magma"

Out Now on Mechanism Records

Andro is another one of those youngsters who has carved his teeth on progressive music barely having left his teens, but already he's already had material put out on a number of labels including Planetarium Hungary, where he did a remix for Fingerfest Inc's 'Autoporno'. The guys at Mechanism have been friends with the Planetarium guys for a long time, so they were quickly turned onto this youngster and have snapped up two of his tracks for release, and now present 'Cant Deny' and 'Magma' for us.

'Can't Deny' is a track aimed squarely at the centre of the dancefloor. A chunky rolling bassline forces the drum percussion along, techno-esque elements adding a fresh twist on things until the bottom end drops out momentarily before the main riff drops through a series of filters out of the break and beyond. A peaktime vibed track that doesn't quite hammmer the floor, but teases for the next bomb very nicely indeed..

'Magma' goes a little deeper underground with it's ideas, the arrangement being on a slightly groovier house tip, yet managing to bridge the gap between dark and sinister riffs by offseting these things with some depth inducing effects which fill things out nicely. Gently does it.

As the first 'mainstream' progressive 12" for this youngster, the tracks show promise, with 'Can't Deny' being the pick of the bunch. I'm sure we havent heard of Andro, there's no denying that..

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