Artist: Andre La Taste
Title: Equalize
Label: Grounded Music
By: Chloe Harris | 22 July 2002
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Tim Skinner Mix
  • B2: Sphere Departure Mix

Andre La Taste "Equalize"

Out Now on Grounded Music

Andre La Taste's first release has gained much support from Danny Tenaglia, Saeed and Palash, and from the Delta Heavy tour. Offering three different mixes; the original, a Tim Skinner remix, and Sphere's Departure mix.

Tuff beats, and thick textures lay the foundation for the original mix. Low tribal toms, along with the low end bass, really start the song out right. With a synth stab, the song moves into more of an electro feel, as the delays, and effects carry it on further. Omniscient voices cascade all over and when the break happens we fall into what sounds to be a hollow forest, full of creepy sounds, little lazer zaps, and the all those voices.

Tim's remix is full of texture as well, but takes more focus on the deep sounds and the space. Adding layers of drums to create a shuffling feeling, the song has a more progressive feel to it. At the break we get a lovely little synthy piece that swirls around and touches the bass, and beats. Kicking it all back in, we have a quick little jaunt into the realms of what Tim does best.

The Departure mix is a lovely little number. A solid sort of ambient track, with loads of sounds, whooshes, and washes. The drums are there, but never full on. Highs carry you, and the bass pulses at you. Sphere's mix is my favorite out of the bunch.

Andre puts out a fine first release, and with two amazing mixes, it's a steal. Be sure to check this out.

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