Artist: Alaska Soul
Title: Wonderful (Remixes)
Label: Fire Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 9 September 2002
  • A: Circulation Mix
  • B: Infusion Mix

Alaska Soul "Wonderful (Remixes)"

Out Now on Fire Recordings

Alaska Soul first begun producing lush, latin disco tunes a few years ago, but it wasn't until the release of 'Wonderful' on Brixton based label Hiptonic in London that the fruits of their labour became evident. Backed with a top remix from Circulation, this sublime cut was overlooked by the majority of people, so Fire Recordings, being the lovely people that they are signed up the Circulation remix, adding a brand new remix from Infusion to complete this remix package, and it will soon become evident why.

The Circulation mix is in a style we've come to know and love from these boys. Warm dreamy pads, subtle pass and laid back house grooves fuse into one nucleus and just simmers along nicely, waves of lush percussion rolling over the beats, crafting this track into an atmospheric and emotional slice of tech house. As the vocal is dropped into the mix, you almost instantly become hooked, the groove drawing you in closer. Absolutely stunning

Fast rising Oz boys Infusion deliver the remix on the flip, dark beats and electro grooves being the dish they serve up. Dark atmospherics, a driving bassline and twisted beats only add to the track and as the vocal is teased leading into the break, it culminates in one mindfuck of a break which will knock you for six, before pushing you through another series of evil electro grooves. Fierce.

Fire Recordings continues to diversify more, signing in tracks as well as focusing on nuturing it's own artists. Now 20 releases on they show signs of delivering even wider appeal in the coming months. A label that is definately on 'Fire' right now.

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