Artist: Zoo Brazil Feat Derek Conyer
Title: Next To You
Label: Airtight
By: Simon Jones | 14 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Laid Mix

Zoo Brazil Feat Derek Conyer "Next To You"

Out Now on Airtight

Zoo Brasil, the production duo of Johan Emmoth and John Anderrson are perhaps better known as Laid. Responsible for reworking tracks by Blackwatch, Telepopmuzik and even James Holden, they never cease to deliver, and this latest single under their Zoo Brasil moniker seems them team up with vocalist Derek Conyer. On paper 'Next To You' sounds like a dream match, but it doesn't quite work out that way.

Deep beats and chord layers are the key elements of Zoo Brasil's own 'Original Mix', dropping roughly underneath Derek's smooth, soulful vocal. Keeping a constant pace throughout some subtle piano and guitar is sprinkled in add something different, but the overall result is pretty similar and doesn't really go anywhere.

The duo's 'Laid' reinterpretation is far superior, with a chunky acid bassline sending ripples through the beats and techier percussion being used to great effect. Quirky effects break up the vocal which is a good move to avoid repetition and the funky groove makes this mix shine above and beyond the lacklustre original.

Johan and John never usually disappoint, but it would seem they are more comfortable with their direction as Laid these days. Perhaps that should make note of that and continue to develop an unscathed track record via that project rather than trying to develop Zoo Brasil into something of equal standing. Food for thought indeed.

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