Artist: ZGR
Title: The Love Below
Label: Hatch Music
By: Chloe Harris | 6 November 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: BCML 'I Used To Have A Crush On You' Mix

ZGR "The Love Below"

Out Now on Hatch Music

One of the most talented artists to come out in the last few years, Swedish genius Ozgur Can has been busy branding his own progressive borderline techno. 'The Love Below' see's Ozgur under a different alias, ZGR, without moving away from his sound. Expect a full on onslaught of sounds and mental peaks once again, whilst Philly's BCML put their work into a fantastic and utterly challenging remix, defying any sort of musical genre. Let's get into this.

Staticy uptempo house beats start riding along quick effects and awesome edits and changes while a midtone starts ringing in overhead. The sound glides up and down steps while the bassline dances underneath to the same groove. A spacey melodic synth hides in the background while everything rushes through quick changes and constant beat changes. The beats drop off allowing the ringing to become a wobbly synth in waiting. A screeching tone tops off moving between your speakers left and right, and bringing the song to an instant but extreme peak. This is a heavy song made for rocking dancefloors. It has some great techno elements while remaing melodic enough for the progressive junkies out there. Brilliant.

BCML's I Had A Crush On You remix starts in with melodic keys and a vocal sample. The drums are a bit more breaky and rocky with a slight funk to them. The static comes in lesser than in the Original, but still has a filth to it. The main spacey melody changes tones and momentum gliding through beeps, pops and snaps. Acid sets in creating an old school watery sound, while chord stabs bounce along the drums. Sweeping tones cover the beats allowing room for the screeching tone to come in. A little distortion is layed on it, but it still goes between both speakers. A drop off into a metal sounding middle, and jazzier chords hop in. A crazy remix with so many variations and transitions, its hard to pin down what style this is.

BCML's label Hatch is off to a great start with 'The Love Below'. A strong release once again for Ozgur, or ZGR in this case and a groovy but crazy remix from the label bosses themselves.

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