Artist: Yvel & Tristan
Title: Legacy EP
Label: Outside The Box Music
By: Ryan Simoneau | 24 September 2008
  • 1. Legacy (Original Mix)
  • 2. Legacy (Davis & May Live Band Session)
  • 3. Legacy (Ben Brown Mix)
  • 4. Sacred Spirit (Original Mix)

Yvel & Tristan "Legacy EP"Yvel & Tristan "Legacy EP"

Out Now on Outside The Box Music

Yvel & Tristan return with their proper follow-up to the massively successful single, “Pillow” from last year. Having first heard that tune on Nick Warren’s “Global Underground 028: Shanghai” compilation, it quickly became one of my favourite break beat tracks ever. The bass was so heavy, one felt like they were submerged in a subwoofer. Now the boys return, back with two new tunes and armed with a couple of remixes as well.

On “Legacy”, Yvel & Tristan quickly shed their breaks persona for an electro-tinged, house flavour. It’s not of the banging, four to the floor variety but in a quirky progressive breaks sort of slant. Swirling atmospherics set the scene in the background as electro keys and synth stabs make up the main melody. There’s a lovely breakdown in the middle of the track but unfortunately the payoff isn’t there in the end. It’s not a bad tune by any stretch but never truly compels the ears or moves the feet.

Ben Brown takes up remix duties and speeds up the tempo, giving the track a driving kick. Much remains from the original but this track is much better suited for the dance floor. Still, with the tempo being the only noticeable change, save a few minor added effects, this remix still failed to captivate me.

Newcomers Sebastian Waack and Lanny Davis make up the duo Davis & May and they take their turn on “Legacy” as well. Here they give the track a “live” band feel as they’ve increased the atmospherics and really brought out the moodiness of “Legacy”. While neither banging nor chilled, this remix stands out for its excellent production value. Towards the end, there’s so much synth that I almost felt as if I were listening to an M83 record. This will certainly find favour with many kindred spirits of that sort of sound.

Finally, Yvel & Tristan’s second new track “Sacred Spirit” hits and right from the onset I knew I was in for something good. Heavily chopped up vocals glide over some progressive house/breaks with a gorgeous melody underpinning in the background. This is some groovy stuff here; something that say, Danny Howells could really sink his teeth into. Perfect for deep house heads just as much as progressive and break beat junkies, “Sacred Spirit” is the highlight on this EP hands down!

Yvel & Tristan spread their wings on this release, not content to be pigeonholed. While I was not immediately awe struck by “Legacy”, it’s definitely a grower. While the remixes are decent, they're nevertheless nothing to get worked up about. As mentioned previously, the gem on this release is “Sacred Spirit”. For that alone, please go track down a copy as your ears will thank you.

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