Artist: Yunus Guvenen
Title: Invasion EP (Part Two)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 19 August 2003
  • A: The March
  • B: Seyo In Blue

Yunus Guvenen "Invasion EP (Part Two)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

The second part of Yunus Guvenen's 'Invasion EP' features the tracks 'The March' and 'Seyo In Blue'. For those who hold Yunus in regard for tracks such as 'Red Pilot' and 'IP True', then this half of the EP may hold your attention more, being the more obvious club influenced of the two parts. However, both tracks still maintain a deep meaning and influence, and also draw in elemetns from his Mavi project. Here's the lowdown on what the second half brings..

'The March' starts things off, the combination of tribal drums and house grooves creating a very dancefloor friendly vibe, but it's the added extras that make this track what it is. Rumbling bass causes fluctuation in the track, emitting a sound of alternating frequency that would have tested the legendary Phazon at Twilo. Soaring melodic riffs lend that peaktime early morning feel to this track, be it 3am or 7am, this will still sound good to you if you are standing in the centre of the dancefloor, whilst the drums keep the energy level high at all times. It may be more club friendly, but if you listen closely you can still hear some very intricate production going on within the mix.

'Seyo In Blue' is the second track on this disc, but the final track of the EP. Possibly the most closest in style to previous work such as Red Pilot, as a big trance sound is evident here. Blending drums and melodic loops into one cauldron of sound, the groove is built up rapidly dropping to string-led break early on, deep breakbeat-esque stabs bringing down the mood as the drums take over one last time, building to a anoter break, where this time the strings work in tandem with the driving bass to create a euphoric and breathtaking finale, acting not only a jaw dropping finale to the track, but also a powerful end to an EP crafted with intricate precision.

The perfect compliment to Part One, bringing the EP to a close, and providing the final half of the answer to what this is all about. Many will say that progressive is dead, and that deep music is a niche sound. Whilst trance is emotional, this is emotion shown in a different way, and if you look deep within you will indeed appreciate what this EP sets out to achieve. Proof indeed, that some of the best music right now is being made in the most unnoticed parts of the globe, and that Yunus is leading an 'invasion' of Turkish talent into the global dance scene with strategic plans to be revealed over the coming months.

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