Artist: Yunus Guvenen
Title: Let Go / Fever
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 11 August 2005
  • A: Let Go
  • B: Fever

Yunus Guvenen "Let Go / Fever"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

2003's 'Invasion EP' was the last we heard of Yunus Guvenen, and since then the young Parisian has been away from the music scene on a tour of duty for Turkey's national army. Thankfully during that time he still managed to find some time to write music, and as his recent downtempo contributions to 'Layered Sounds 2' indicate, the break from music has allowed him refocus and renew his creative energies and, as this new EP for Bedrock highlights, the ability to explore and experiment in new musical directions.

'Let Go' is a deep house track with a unique twist. As usual Yunus draws from a melting pool of rich, textured sounds and the contrast of the airy synths and upbeat melodies against a deep and driving bassline fuse well. As the sounds are shifted, you cannot fail to appreciate the beauty of this track as the breakdown hits. It evokes a slightly reminiscent feeling, but makes its presence felt in a rather spectacular way.

'Fever' is a different beast entirely. Built around a chunky groove and driving beats, it steadily builds with synth stabs cutting their way through the dense groove. Twisting into a broken style breakdown, a killer bass hook dominates the track, with an undercurrent of emotive melodies, crescendo pads and big bongo drums kicking things to another level. Such is the depth of this track, when it develops into it's peak time finale, you cannot fail to be hooked, which perhaps is where it's title originates from.

Without a doubt an innovator amongst his peers, Yunus Guvenen has proven consistently to be masterful at what he does, and this latest EP is likely to be one of, if not the project that defines and cements his legacy within the dance scene for a long time to come.

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