Artist: Yoshimoto
Title: Du What U Du
Label: iO Music
By: Nick Williams | 12 September 2006
  • A: Trentemølller Mix
  • B: H-Man Mix

Yoshimoto "Du What U Du"

Out Now on iO Music

Since its first incarnation off of Andy Caldwell's Uno Recordings, Trentemøller's remix of Yoshimoto's 'Du What U Du' has ignited dancefloors across the globe. The infectious vocal and guitar licks over some of the nastiest tech house and electro sounds to have ever come from Anders Trentemøller have created a sort of cross-over appeal that is very seldom found in underground music. Licensed to over 20 labels for re-releases and reissues over the world, along with major compilation appearances on Sander Klienenberg and Lee Burridge's 'This is Everybody! On Tour' and for Tim Sheridan and Smokin' Jo's 'NastyDirtySexMusic', we can see that this version of Yoshimoto's song has earned a few pretty pennies across the globe in licensing fees. Just when you thought this lake was all fished out, UK label iO Music steps up to the plate with their sixth release, and licenses German Oliver Huntemann under his H-Man guise to slice, dice, and reinterpret Trentemøller's wicked version.

If you haven't heard Trentemøller's version of this tune, you must have been living under a rock for the last year. A sharp, harsh kick and snare introduce the main hook that just pokes at you to get onto the dancefloor. If that is not enough for you, the vocal introduces some serious floor rumbling bass that will make you lose your balance near the bass cabinets. The build is so smooth and right in so many ways that I find it easy to listen to this over and over… and it hasn't lost it's playability. All of the sounds have their place, and some of the most interesting sounds only occur a few times, so have a careful listen to this. The breakdown gets me everytime and is guaranteed to get some screams out of your crowd, providing they haven't heard this tune a hundred times!

H-Man brings us his electro house version of Anders' remix, and you can even pick out some of the same sounds from Trentemøller. Oliver brings his mix in smoothly with chugging beats and a high toned kick. Clicky and swishy hats introduce some other grooved clickity clackity sounds. The vocal is then introduced, taken apart a bit from the original and seems a bit out of place and out of key. Then a grooved line is thrown in and knocks the balance of the track off becoming monotonous. Besides some other percussion changes and additional notes to the bassline, this tune seems thrown together and uninspired.

Given the success and skills surrounding Anders Trentemøller's version of 'Du What U Du', I expected a bit more from H-Man's remix. Given Oliver Huntemann's current buzz and reputation amongst the electro house community, he brings a very dismal filler track to the table. Look to the second disc if you are looking for a fresh take on Yoshimoto's 'Du What U Du'.

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