Artist: Yoshimoto
Title: Du What U Du (Paul Woolford Remixes)
Label: iO Music
By: Nick Williams | 16 September 2006
  • A: Paul Woolford Mix
  • B: Paul Woolford Dub

Yoshimoto "Du What U Du (Paul Woolford Remixes)"

Out Now on iO Music

For the sixth release under iO music, Dave Robinson & Nick McCall, aka the Insignificant Others, have licensed this immensely popular Yoshimoto track for remixes. The second disc features Paul Woolford for a vocal and dub version of Anders Trentemøller's remix of 'Du What U Du'. Paul is no stranger to production, as he has had a gorgeous release on NRK, a couple of remixes for Underworld, and let's not forget 'Erotic Discourse' on 2020 Vision… all this year! Also producing under the guises of Bobby Peru, Hip Therapist, Wooly, and working with Yousef in 10,000 BC, Paul really knows how to get his music out there in many different forms. This remix brings his electro house talents to the table, and based on the remix from disc one of this release, my hopes were high that this would blow H-Man's remix out of the water.

The stage is set very well to get started in the vocal version of 'Du What U Du'. From the initial kick, Paul sets a great ambiance with reverbed clicks and washy snares that move around the floor. Utilizing select sounds from the breakdown of Anders’ version he places them in a way that captures your attention without becoming over the top or droning. The sounds come at you from all directions and move all around you. Cowbells accentuate and the vocal adds to everything instead of being merely a formality. He dissects key phrases and destroys each and every sound in a melee of noise and bass.

The dub version is similar to the vocal, but don’t take it to be the same. At first listen it may seem like it is identical to the original, and in many ways it is, but the details is what makes this remix shine. Where the vocal pushes his vocal version, the percussion and spatial movement push this one, especially in the builds and breakdowns.

My expectations were definitely met here, and iO music has brought some great music to the masses, bringing some new life to a great club track. This is definitely the better disc of the two, considering that if you probably already have Trentemøller's remix somewhere in your studio. If you are going to shell out your money for some music, Paul Woolford has definitely made it worth your while.

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