Artist: Wrecked Angle
Title: Back To Babylon
Label: Electrofly Records
By: Simon Jones | 9 January 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Burufunk Mix

Wrecked Angle "Back To Babylon"

Out Now on Electrofly Records

Steve Gerrard and Russell Pearce are without a doubt one of the most in demand production outfits in the progressive breakbeat scene. With a remixography that includes Age Of Love, Chakra, Syntax, and Mara they have earned themselves a reputation for delivering dancefloor bomb after dancefloor bomb but in terms of original work, we've only been graced with their debut single 'Acid Funk' up until now, as the follow 'Back To Babylon' now appears.

The 'Original Mix' sees the boys venture away from the funky nu skool beats 'Acid Funk', throwing down some tight percussive drums and synth patterns and sliding a dark and dirty bassline in via the back door, and when you see the damage this beauty does to the dancefloor as it evolves, you will understand why there's not much that's need to be said as it's actions speak louder than words.

'Burufunk' go for the more epic atmospheric edge turning in a melodic interpretation on the flip. Throwing some deep sub bass rhythm sections and rapid fire beats against the spacious canvas that provides the backdrop, they create a massive vibe that explodes as an ethnic vocal lead is thrown into the equation, and avoiding the Hybrid-esque comparisons that have been thrown at their previous work, Burufunk turn in a slick mix that will get the more progressive minded breaks fan salivating without a doubt.

Electrofly continue to forge a path forward through the burgeoning and expanding world of breakbeat, and their selection of top quality sounds and artists is once again kept intact as Wrecked Angle show they are more than ready to take on all comers in 2005.

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