Artist: Woven
Title: Solder Me (Remixes)
Label: Fade Records
By: Chloe Harris | 13 July 2004
  • A1: Seed Mix 1
  • B1: Ben Camp Mix
  • B2: Chris Fortier Dubbed Edit

Woven "Solder Me (Remixes)"

Out Now on Fade Records

Woven is a six piece collective that experiment in analog and digital sound design. For Chris Fortier's imprint Fade Records, Woven create a deep dark vocal tune that sounds like a mish mash of indie rock vocals and deep house grooves. 'Solder Me' is taken from an early EP the collective did, and has been remixed with Ben Camp dropping in the breaks, and a dubbed out edit by Chris Fortier.

A deep tribal drumbeat leads into 'Solder Me', while a slow moving bassline dips in moving through a dark atmosphere. A looming synth above drops off into a break, while a strummed guitar and a melancholy voice step into the front. With a dramatic turn, the drums punch back in and follow the guitar bouncing. Breaking down again another synth creeps in and follows the vocals to the end.

'Ben Camp' drops a smooth breakbeat version backed with an electro focus. A quick break starts in and a cool acid line bubbles underneath. Tiny effects smooth over the beats, and pads fall down into the mix. Vocals fade in and lay nicely into the mellow breaks and washy sounds while the acid takes over the tune.

Chris Fortier's 'Dubbed Edit' is last up, and is very similar to the original, but he strips the vocals away, only using one part and tripping it out with watery effects. Tribal drums and a chugging beat keep the tune moving, while the pads wash over and drop into the strummed guitar part. This is a really smooth mix that will warm a floor up nicely.

'Solder Me' is a nice release for Fade Records, with the smooth vocal and strummed guitar. Woven have an interesting sound that could appeal to fans of a new indie rock influenced sound.

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