Artist: Williams
Title: The Shivering
Label: Love Triangle Music
By: Antonella Sirec | 30 November 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Pitch & Hold 'In Camera' Mix

Williams "The Shivering"

Out Now on Love Triangle Music

Of late, I've been finding it a little difficult to get excited about some of the music that's being released. It's not that there's anything particularly wrong with the majority of them (although the rest are clearly rubbish) but none have really given me much cause to get excited and nag people with my constant "Oh my God! You have to listen to this!". But that all changed recently when I came across 'The Shivering' by Scottish producer Williams and once again I find myself excited about dance music and what the future might possibly hold in terms of talent. Displaying a sense of much needed creativity, 'The Shivering' is something that's not pegged in one particular genre but encompasses many and quite successfully.

The original version of 'The Shivering' begins on a darkly rendered bass as a padded beat is brought in underneath. As the synth begins to climb in volume and then back down, slight bleepy effects can be heard. The bass soon begins to take on a more melodic feel with laser like effects layered over giving the track an almost spacey facet. As the beat picks up in tempo, more layers of effects are introduced and the track takes on another different feel before really coming into its own. Dipping and weaving around the melody and varying synths, it remains on this particular tempo as it continually climbs in tension but on occasion coming back down with the use of subtle chimes. The tinny breakdown is almost instant but used effectively to once again bring in that menacing bass before again taking off on a peak and then finally tapering off in the end with the subtle use of the laser effects.

This is one tune that I found myself completely immersed in from the very first listen. The multiple layers of bass, melody and special effects all combine to create an outstanding tune that really sweeps you away. While there is a definite nod to the more minimal aspects of music today, don't be fooled because the underlying tone is that of a sophisticated progressive composition. More then anything it leaves a lasting impression long after the last note has finished and with every consecutive listen, 'The Shivering' just gets better and better. This is why I listen to dance music! This is what it's all about!

The flipside of this release sees Pitch & Hold on remix duties with their rendition of 'The Shivering' taking on a big room feel. Beginning on the same deceptive note and snippets of effects, a murky beat is once again brought in but this time round with a more up-tempo feel. As a synth glides in surreptitiously, there’s a slight dip before a high-octane melody kicks in. That particular melody this time sounds more like a diffused trumpet and adds an element of surprise to this tune. At just over the half way point, there's another slight upswing in tempo as the tune once again dips slightly before introducing spliced effects and that laser like sound. The Pitch & Hold remix quite literally gallops along at the perfect pace and it's at this point that the familiar melody is drawn in. This takes on a more prominent position along with the trumpet like melody and stays on this tip for another few minutes before finishing on a quiet mellow note. All very dramatic but really quite beautiful to hear. While I would never think of calling this a full-blown trance release, there are certain elements in this remix that remind of that particular genre but with more obvious progressive overtones. This version of 'The Shivering' is definitely going to sound unbelievable on a big system and will no doubt turn more then just a few heads.

Overall, Williams' 'The Shivering' is an outstanding piece of music that grabbed my attention from the first listen irrespective of which adaptation I played. The original version is simply breathtaking and every time I listened to it I found myself more and more hypnotised by its sounds. The underlying murkiness of the bass displays a certain menace but that's countered perfectly with the overlying melody which just takes you somewhere else. The Pitch & Hold remix is another beast altogether. Still maintaining that dark quality from the original, in their hands 'The Shivering' is a high-octane power punch of a tune that just screams the need to be played loudly. Really, really loudly! In terms of originality and production, this release definitely shines in a sea of mediocrity and in quite a spectacular way. As I always say when I discover a piece of music that I absolutely love: More please!

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