Artist: Will White
Title: Beats & Bobz Volume Two
Label: Functional Records
By: Hugo | 13 April 2004
  1. Friendly - Glottel Stomp
  2. Tom Real Vs The Rogue Element - Resistance Is Futile
  3. Stereo 8 - Cant Stop
  4. Rennie Pilgrem - Some Place Funky (Plump DJs Mix)
  5. General Midi - Bassrocka
  6. Stereo 8 - Flipmode
  7. Vandal - Ronin
  8. Friendly - Fetish
  9. Carbon Community - Mastermind (High 8 Mix)
  10. DJ Rocca & 5th Suite - Dig This
  11. JDS - Blackout
  12. Future Funk Squad - From All Angles
  13. Funkmasta - Fat Cat

Will White "Beats & Bobz Volume Two"

Out Now on Functional Records

If you didn’t come to party, what did you come for?

There aren’t many compilations around that successfully capture the sheer exhilaration of a brilliant club night. To get across that feeling of sweat dripping off the walls, smiling faces, the intensity and diversity of emotions on display, all linked by heartbeats synced to the drumbeat of a soundtrack that is both progressive in it’s attitude, and fun and exciting, all at the same time, is no easy task. Many try, most fail, a few succeed. ‘Beats & Bobz Vol 2’ is one of the few. If you’re getting the idea that this album is a bit special, then read on.

To put things in perspective, back in the early 90’s a bunch of subversive souls formed the Future Underground Nation in SW England’s centre of the dance culture revolution, namely… Exeter. Over the years, The Nation has organically spread its roots from free party organisers to becoming an artist management company, a record label, and event’s organiser, and a very special club night.

“Beatz & Bobz” is the longest running monthly breakbeat night in the UK. It’s no mean feat to reach the 6-year mark, and still be at the top of the tree. But there it remains, with the breakbeat elite (including the likes of Hybrid, Hyper, and Tayo) having all paid their dues and spun there over the years, and enjoyed the intimacy of the club and audience response so much that return bookings are always requested. It’s a simple and effective formula. A small club (preferably away from London) + loyal, music fans + ever-evolving music, will create a party that just wont stop.

This is the fifth CD to come out from the club’s sister label “Functional Breaks”, and to celebrate they have asked club regular and Propellerhead – Will White, to capture the essence and atmosphere of “Beatz & Bobz” in 2004, through his own unique DJ style.

From the top notch opening salvos of Friendly, Tom Real vs Rogue Element, and Stereo 8, there’s nothing to do but leave your straight-faced mates at the door, throw your inhibitions out of the window, and feel the funk. Resistance is futile! By the time the Plump DJs dive-bomb the dancefloor with their reworking of Rennie Pilgrem’s classic “Some Place Funky”, you should be in heaven. Now the real fun begins, as Will White takes things on a rollercoaster ride through electro stylings, darker and deeper soundscapes, phatter than phat basslines, moody drops, euphoric highs, and kinky cut-ups. This is a DJ at the top of his game, working a mix that puts the listener right in the middle of the dancefloor. The grand finale, building through the acid mayhem of JDS ‘Blackout’, dropping into the twisted hypnotic grooves of Future Funk Squad, and peaking with the aptly named Funkmasta, is just about as good as you’ll hear anywhere. If you love music that hits you in the hips you really should check this album out today.

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