Artist: Will Saul & Mike Monday
Title: Zippo
Label: Buzzin Fly Records
By: Ryan Simoneau | 27 February 2009
  • A: Main Mix
  • B: Dub Mix

Will Saul & Mike Monday "Zippo"

Out Now on Buzzin Fly Records

Ben Watt’s Buzzin’ Fly Records returns with its latest offering in the form of Will Saul and Mike Monday’s collaboration “Zippo”. The label has seen a shift from the deep house flavour of early releases to the more minimalistic sounds of today.

The original mix of “Zippo” is a slice of melodious minimal tech-house. While it takes forever to get going, the resulting melody underpinned with a pulsating house groove is pretty solid. Unfortunately, there just is simply not enough going on and the track feels far to repetitive, all too quickly. Not exactly a banger by any means but should find plenty of play from the minimal masters and headphone aficionados.

The dub mix doesn’t really deviate much from the original, in fact it actually loses appeal in the process. To sum it up…dull..dull..dull, which ironically enough is exactly what the track sounds like.

While this sort of sound is not my cup of tea, it is quite popular at the moment. “Zippo” keeps Buzzin’ Fly’s reputation for beautiful melody but also embraces the label’s shift to the minimalistic style that one can only hope will not last long. Bring back the deep house please!

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